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    A brand new disease was announced at the end of the Super Bowl radio broadcast. Are you ready for this? Drum roll please . . . “Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency.” (EPI) Those fancy medical words simply mean your pancreas isn’t producing sufficient enzymes to finish the job of digesting food coming from your stomach into your small intestine. The ad was sponsored, of course, by a drug company and, as usual, no one asks WHY your pancreas is in trouble in the first place; just fire a bullet at the symptoms, which include gas, bloating and sudden diarrhea. “It’s a manageable disease,” the announcer said. Oh, that’s a relief! At least it won’t kill you! And don’t be concerned about “curing” it, much less reversing it, or addressing its cause. More than likely, people with symptoms of EPI listed above eat plenty of processed foods and carry tremendous stress loads, all of which go unattended over a long enough time to exhaust an organ that helps your body extract vital nutrients from the food you eat! Maybe we should look in the mirror . . . A doctor who trained me for over 20 years once said, “You don’t catch a cold, you EARN it.” It tuns out that’s true of virtually every condition! Your health is your choice! It’s up to you and me to stop the madness of naming diseases and treating symptoms, and instead, make them unnecessary! Watch the quick video about this new disease and stay with me for solutions you can rely on to reverse and even prevent it! Until next time . . . LIVE WELL!

Divine Health is Your Original Design

“I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health.” (3 John 2)


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