Wow! Who knew?


If you get as excited as I do when I learn something new, then you know the feeling when Dr. Lipton made two specific statements in his final video (paraphrased below):

“Injecting substances under the skin is NOT an appropriate means of imparting immunity.”

“Tonsils are not for protection; they’re for LEARNING.”

These revelations challenge the conventional wisdom and, if you have young children, these statements may cause you to re-think whether you vaccinate them and whether to save their tonsils.

You may want to unsubscribe from Dr. Lipton before he starts promoting his online course, because his publisher, Hay House, will bombard you with offers until you buy something or cry “Uncle!”

In any case, I hope you’ve learned some valuable insights from Bruce’s 3-video series.

Bruce’s work focuses on how your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs affect your genes and your health, which is exactly the subject of the Sixth Master Key.

Review this Key in the video below (at about the two-minute mark):

8 Master Keys, Part Two

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Divine Health is Your Original Design

“I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health.” (3 John 2)

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