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  • October 16, 2023

    It’s OK Now

    “A Revelation for anyone suffering in any way” “This information is so comprehensive and practical, and begins helping in a way that I felt right away, finding my way to release…
  • Personal Health Calculator
    October 16, 2023

    Ultimate Personal Health Calculator

    Get clear directions right away that are just right for YOU! Start Now! Use Your Personal Health Calculator to explore questions like these! What are your true strengths and weaknesses? What is your…
  • August 8, 2023

    Memory Re-Framing

    Memory Re-Framing™ One of the Most Powerful Self-Health Programs You’ll Ever Experience.Learn How to Heal your Mind, Memory and Emotions TODAY… at HOME! Learn how to beat your family…
  • May 20, 2022

    Members – It’s OK – PREMIUM Edition

    Premium Edition “A Revelation for anyone suffering in any way” I really want to thank these two authors for their work and putting it into a format to reach us. It’s so comprehensive…
  • May 8, 2022

    Members – Memory Re-Framing

    How to get the most out of this adventure WATCH Sit back, relax and enjoy each video, take notes and write questions; then replay as many times as you’d like. LISTEN Download the mp3 recordings…
  • September 27, 2019

    Relax and stop juggling!

        You may feel like you’re juggling cats instead of balls, but that’s a pretty good explanation of how illness can get started. I would suggest, however, that the cycle the…
  • August 23, 2019


      First it was “The Butterfly Effect” with Andy Andrews; then it was three videos by Dr. Bruce Lipton; and the big theme was how everything you do matters, and how your thoughts,…
  • August 16, 2019

    Wow! Who knew?

      If you get as excited as I do when I learn something new, then you know the feeling when Dr. Lipton made two specific statements in his final video (paraphrased below): “Injecting substances…
  • August 9, 2019

    Genes don’t determine breast cancer!

      Bruce Lipton’s second video blows the lid off genetic connections to cancer! When he “provoked” the genetic scientists at Stanford University many years ago, Bruce knew that…
  • August 2, 2019

    You can change your genes!

      When I first met Bruce Lipton, he confirmed what I’d been learning for over 10 years! Dr. Lipton spoke at a seminar in 2004, and at the airport later that day, he and I had a chance to…
  • July 12, 2019

    How to go from stressed to chilled in 2 minutes . . .

      An article I read today claimed that slow, controlled breathing can improve your mind-body connection. That’s true, but the advice included the usual, “Get in a peaceful place,…
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