“A Revelation for anyone suffering in any way”

“This information is so comprehensive and practical, and begins helping in a way that I felt right away, finding my way to release the struggle to peace, almost a clearer sense of the ‘why’ in my life. Very grateful!” (anonymous Amazon review)
  • Do you have symptoms that nothing seems to help?
  • Have you been everywhere and done everything trying to get well?
  • Do your doctors scratch their heads wondering what’s wrong with you?
  • Do you feel like a science experiment for doctors to practice on while they look for something that might work?

Here’s what your doctors are missing!

The problems that make you feel like you’re broken and can’t be fixed,
may stem from
Negative Memory Engrams.”

You can’t see them or touch them,
but you can feel them
and they’re running you today!
  • Negative Memory Engrams can seriously undermine your ability to heal!!
  • Negative Memory Engrams determine your fears, phobias, and even your cravings!
  • Negative Memory Engrams can undermine your relationships, and even destroy those closest to you!
  • Negative Memory Engrams can limit your progress severely in virtually every area of your life!
Your doctors aren’t trained to help you find Negative Memory Engrams
and many may have never learned
about them at all!
  • Some Memory Engrams are positive: Your favorite vacation experience, or your baby’s first smile.
  • Some Memory Engrams are negative: The hot stove you touched as a child, a car accident, or a betrayal that comes into your mind and still hurts today.
  • Healing a cut or a broken bone is easy… Healing a memory is another matter entirely. Entire professions are built on attempting to heal what appears to be an invisible, intangible wound.

“There’s no ointment you can put on Negative Memory Engrams,
no pill you can take, no surgery you can perform, but you CAN heal them!”
Dr. Tom Taylor

Learn why your body is like a car
that you may not be driving!

We answer these questions and more!

  • What are “Negative Memory Engrams” and why do they matter to you?
  • Why is seven years-old so important to you today?
  • What really causes “autoimmune” conditions and how can you reverse them?
  • Why you need to make friends with your symptoms?
  • Why is healing more like an artichoke than an onion?
  • How do symptoms point to the real cause of any condition?
  • What is “Top Priority” and how does it affect your ability to heal?
  • What is your “Spirit-Mind-Body Connection” and how can you make it work for you?

Then we give you practical steps that work!

  • Chapter 1: What you think about, you bring about! How to change what you speak to get what you really want!
  • Chapter 2: How to unlock your imagination and remove limitations!
  • Chapter 3: How to see emotions as “Energy-in-Motion”!
  • Chapter 4: How to use the “Iron Rule” to reverse disease and even prevent it!
  • Chapter 5: How to change your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to heal your body, mind, and spirit!
  • Chapter 6: How symptoms start and how to stop them from becoming serious conditions!
  • Chapter 7: Discover Six Steps to Rapid Healing!
  • Chapter 8: Put the steps together and explore five reasons why healing stops!
  • Chapter 9: What does it mean when symptoms show up in certain areas of your body?
  • Chapter 10: How to identify your Top Priorities and the emotions that get you into trouble!
  • Chapter 11: Why symptoms sometimes return and what to do when it happens!
  • Chapter 12: Why healing is like an artichoke instead of an onion, and a 4-step process to avoid problems!
  • Nutshells and Takeaways: Important points to remember at the end of every chapter!

Follow the simple steps in this ground-breaking book!

When you heal negative memory engrams …

  • Illness can’t find you and dysfunction can’t hold you hostage any more!
  • Your physical, mental and emotional health improves rapidly!
  • You can stop the frustrating cycle of only treating symptoms!
  • You can feel normal again!
  • You can enjoy the freedom, peace, and joy that may seem just out of reach today!

BREAK the chains
of the past!

HEAL the wounds
of old memories!

UNLOCK the pattern
of limiting beliefs!

Your body responds according to its design,
not your desire.

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Claudia Gabrielle, MD:

“The process in this book has revolutionized my life. Everyone I’ve ever met would benefit from this book!”
  • Learn how to identify and remove negative memory engrams.
  • Discover the secrets of how to stop, reverse, and even prevent pain, illness, and dysfunction.
  • Master powerful steps to re-activate your original design.
  • Uncover and unwind old patterns, break through your history, and rewrite your future!
  • Learn how to remove the roadblocks that keep you from fulfilling your purpose.
  • Learn how to live above problems in the “Realm of the Miraculous”!

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