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Barbara’s Ultimate Power Breakfast

Barbaras Ultimate Power Breakfast pink shake with a strawberry on the side and recipe

My Ultimate Power Breakfast recipe is made up of carefully selected, plant-based, all-organic ingredients.

I carefully designed the recipe using advanced training in “Food Healing,” which concentrates on healing any disease with food and promoting ultimate health.

My Ultimate Power Breakfast contains the HIGHEST possible nutritional density of any shake you’ll find, in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential amino acids, and “good fats”!

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Learn more at the link below:

Power Shake PLUS+ Dutch Chocolate and Vanilla with full supplement breakdown

Barbara uses Power Greens PLUS+™ to “Turbo-Charge” her Ultimate Power Breakfast. Learn more at the link below:

Power Greens PLUS+ Trio pack with a click me hand icon

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Everything in Barbara’s Ultimate Power Breakfast is easy to digest, anti-inflammatory, and supplies the energy you need to get through even your toughest morning!

You’ll learn about the blender that Barbara uses, which transforms everything into a creamy texture that tastes delicious and maximizes your body’s ability to absorb all the vital nutrients as easily and quickly as possible (including a secret nutritional treasure that you’re probably throwing away)!

Most people won’t eat all the vegetables, fruits and seeds you’ll find in Barbara’s Ultimate Power Breakfast. They certainly won’t eat enough of them!

This shake provides essential nutrition in a complete, delicious meal that you can make in five minutes or less!

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