Module 8

“You have the power to help prevent chronic disease.”

Harvard School of Public Health

#29 – Are you eating Viruses?

I know this sounds crazy! Dr. T couldn’t believe it himself, but if you fact-check it like I did, the story you’re about to see and hear is true! This video will help reinforce what you learned in “Supermarket Survival.”

Have a new awareness on your next trip to the supermarket!

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Find out here:

I know. Scary, huh?

#30 – Are you worth it?

Maybe this seems obvious, but some people still don’t get the difference between organic and conventional products.
The bottom line is how you answer General Bushwhacker’s questions in the video . . .
Take charge of your health today!

Of course you are!

  • How long do you want to live?
  • How good do you want to feel?
  • Do you believe you’re worth it?

#31 – Hug a cow today . . .

Scientists fooling around in laboratories are sometimes just flat dangerous!
If you grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s, your mom may have used margarine and shortening (aka, Crisco), just like mine did.

These man-made fats came along, because meat and animal fat were in short supply during World War II.

Most meat went to feed our troops overseas, so scientists went to work creating liquid oils and semi-solid fats with long shelf lives, that were relatively inexpensive to make, and could be used in place of butter and lard, for example. They accomplished this by subjecting regular fat to extremely high heat, and then “injecting” hydrogen; hence, the term, “hydrogenated” that you still find on some food labels today. My sisters and I grew up on the results: toast “buttered” with margarine and cookies baked with Crisco. Almost every packaged food, in fact, was made with hydrogenated fats and oils!
True or False: The government and the food companies have your health and well-being at heart.

Who’s got your back?

The outcome for American health statistics was devastating, with increases in cardiovascular diseases mirroring the use of what became known as “trans fats.”

People who stuck to butter and “real” fats fared much better!

30 years later, the health care stats caught up with the scientists and the push was on to develop “new” fats to replace the ones we could no longer justify using. In this video, “General Bushwhacker” introduces you to “trans fat” and the new “fake fat,” so pour some hot butter on some fresh, hot popcorn and enjoy!

#32 – If Mom had only known . . .

If your mother had known what you’re about to see, she’d have been horrified!
My mom “buttered” our toast with margarine – she made the toast with white bread, of course. She made sure my sisters and I drank our milk at every meal.

She made every cake, cookie, and brownie with “shortening.”

If she had known what General Bushwhacker is about to show you about what’s in many of the food items you may be taking home from the supermarket, she would have been horrified!
Practice your new Label Reading skill right now!
Now you know!
The good news is that, while it’s too late for Mom – mine anyway – it’s not too late for you.

One day soon you’ll step into the supermarket again.

It won’t be the same of course, because you know too much simply to wander aimlessly through the aisles and aisles of products that vie for your attention, behind which is an industry built on motivating you to place their product on the cashier’s conveyor.

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