Module 7

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EAT first!
MAKE a list!
INVOLVE the family!
STAY focused!
REMAIN in the “Safe Zones”!
GET in and get out!

#25 – Is your kitchen a battle ground?

ARMOR UP! When my sisters and I approached meal time, we never thought to question what Mom was making. We ate what was put in front of us and if we didn’t like it, too bad, ’cause that’s all there was until the next meal came along.
If you’re preparing multiple meals to accommodate kids who won’t eat certain foods, you’re making your life harder than it needs to be and you aren’t helping your kids either.
One of the most important points to remember is in the ENERGY ACTION GUIDE:

Rally your troops!

The tips in the Kitchen Combat one-page Guides will save you from a lot of headaches!

#26 – What happens to kids in the supermarket?

Before we get into the “meat” of Supermarket Survival, here’s a light explanation of what happens to kids in the supermarket . . .
Jerry Seinfeld’s observations are some of the most accurate and he has an ingenious way of hitting the proverbial nail on the head. He does it here in only 36 seconds!
Make a delicious, nutritious meal in 5 minutes or less!

Sound familiar?

My guess is that most parents can relate to this. See what you think . . .

#27 – Kind of hypnotic, isn’t it?

This has certainly happened to me! How many times have I gone to the supermarket, fully prepared to buy specific items, only to find myself “hypnotized” by the displays, sales, demonstrations, samples, etc. A 10-minute trip turns into 30 and five items turns into 12!
Learn which foods help (or hurt) your pH balance plus SO MUCH MORE!

Are you ready for this?

“Well, let me see if there’s anything else I need.”

That’s the thinking that leads to this observation of what happens to adults in the supermarket in the video above . . .

#28 – Whatever you do, don’t go in here unprepared!

Follow a few simple rules and you’ll make it out alive!
You have a particular goal every time you step into a supermarket.

The people who own the supermarkets have goals that directly compete with yours!

If you go into this battleground unprepared, you’re sure to spend more than you figured on, and wind up with items you never planned on bringing home.
Take charge of your trips to the supermarket TODAY!

Armor up! We’re going in…

“General Bushwhacker” will help you and your family with winning strategies to get in, get your list, and get out alive!
If you don’t have the Kitchen Combat one-page Guides yet, grab ’em here!

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