Module 6

“We live and die at the cellular level.

You are only as healthy as your cells are.

If they struggle, you struggle; if they thrive, you thrive.

The happier they are, the happier you are!” (Dr. Tom Taylor)

#21 – How do I get more energy?

Don’t be surprised if this video makes you hit PAUSE and shout, “Whoa! What did you just say?”
First, a little context:

Do you remember climbing a really thick, heavy rope in gym class?

It took every ounce of strength in my skinny 7th grade frame to claw and struggle to about 10 feet up, half of which was my height!

Suffering the jeers of my classmates made it a truly embarrassing ordeal that I vowed then and there not to repeat!

There was only one solution
I could think of . . .

I begged my mom and dad for a set of weights and, bless their hearts, in a few days, I was lifting, pressing, and curling up a storm!

I checked my progress in the mirror daily, celebrating every micron of increased muscle. I was absolutely psyched when veins began popping up on my wrists!

But, would I be ready for the rope?

A few weeks later, the whole class watched each guy climb to the top of the rope, tap the ceiling with his fingertips, and climb back down.
What if you could tap into a virtually inexhaustible fountain of energy?

Find out here:

Then, it was my turn.
Was I nervous? Try terrified!

I hadn’t said a word to anyone about what I’d been doing, and the taunts started as soon as I stepped up to the rope.

I began climbing and I’m sure I was as surprised as anyone else when I slapped the ceiling!

You could have heard a pin drop until cheers erupted as I climbed back down!

Ahh, the sweetness of victory!

This story illustrates the point of the video.

See if it makes you hit “pause” and “rewind” a few times, like I did when I first learned how this works.

#22 – Boys, test tubes, and acid . . .

Do you remember chemistry class in high school?
We were excited about handling two different acids in my sophomore chemistry class:
1. Hydrochloric acid was nasty stuff! The fumes would burn your lungs if you breathed them in, and the liquid would burn a hole in your flesh if you got it on your skin!

2. Sulfuric acid was even worse than hydrochloric acid! This stuff would burn a hole in the lab table if we spilled it and, needless to say, breathing it was unthinkable!
Of course, my friends and I had to check all this out for ourselves.

Boys will be boys, you know.

Inside your body, however, it’s all serious business as your cells attempt to maintain a very delicate acid-alkaline balance, which you can measure using a “pH scale.”
How would you answer the question in the video?
Get more energy by properly managing your pH!

Your personal health indicator

The right pH on your insides means you have the most oxygen available to all of your body’s cells, and that means your body works at peak efficiency.

The wrong pH can have dire, and even
deadly consequences.

You’ll learn more about what your pH means in the video above, how to help it stay in the right balance, plus two shockingly simple tests that you can do immediately to tell how you’re doing on the pH scale!

#23 – Do you step in or dive in?

Do you get in a pool a little at a time or do you dive right into the deep end?
There’s no right answer, of course, but whatever your tendency, it’ll probably show up in other areas of life.

By the time I got into chiropractic college, I dove in head first into the deep end!

My anatomy lab group stood over our “subject,” dressed in our gleaming fresh white lab coats, clutching our shiny new dissection kits, and trying to adjust to the thick, almost indescribable smell of formalin (a preservative solution) that permeated our clothing and assaulted our eyes, noses, and lungs, like the atmosphere on the surface of Jupiter.

Everyone wondered who would make the first cut.

I’d waited a year for this day, once I decided to change careers at 40 years-old, so I was way past being timid.

I stepped up to the table, moved the cover off the area we were supposed to begin dissecting, and lowered my scalpel.

My lab partners breathed in audibly. We were all suddenly in the deep end of the pool and learning how to swim was the only option.

We needed to learn quickly.

Years later, when I was asked to teach seminars about how and why the body works the way it does; about how people get into trouble (health-wise); how they can get out of trouble naturally, without drugs or surgery; and how they can make illness unnecessary in the first place; I jumped at the opportunity the same way I dove into my anatomy lab.

I poured over websites, read articles, watched animations, and looked for ways to communicate and illustrate complex information simply.
What if you could tap into a virtually inexhaustible fountain of energy?
Want to experience immediate, practical applications of what you’ve seen and heard?

Are you ready for this?

One day, I discovered something that made the pieces of a puzzle come together all at once, and the picture made my heart pound, my eyes bug out, and goosebumps spread all over me like wildfire!

What was the discovery?

Every part of you is contained in every cell
in your body, and every cell contains
the hologram – the template – of
your entire body!

You see, we live and die at the cellular level, and you are only as healthy as your cells are. If they struggle, you struggle; if they thrive, you thrive; and the happier they are, the happier you are!

If you want more energy, better memory, more efficient immune function, better sleep, and even greater fulfillment in your life overall …

… you MUST provide an optimal environment on your insides, in every cell.

Make sense?

The video above contains the clips you’ve seen so far and puts them together in a way you haven’t seen yet, looking deep inside your cells – and therefore inside YOU. I hope it helps put the puzzle together for you.

You’ll have at least a foundation to build on, because what’s coming is even more exciting and you’ll be able to apply it practically!

Watch the video and be amazed!

#24 – What if you’re a “Walking Miracle” too?

If Barbara had bought into what the best doctors had told her – and virtually everyone else she knew – she’d still be crippled today.
Instead, she’s traveled the world as the guest of kings and presidents, bringing the “Realm of the Miraculous” into people’s lives from the whorehouse to the White House and everywhere in between.

She didn’t make any of it happen, any more than she could have healed the muscular dystrophy that threatened to cut her life short.

God did it.

What about you?

What have people told you that you can’t or shouldn’t do, including experts and authorities whom you respect and admire?

What if you knew – absolutely knew – that you could break through what others have said may be holding you back, even today, from fulfilling your purpose, or even finding it?

What would that look like?

It starts simply by asking yourself two questions:

“What if ________ ?” (fill in the blank)
“What would that look like?”

This is one of the simplest, yet incredibly powerful formulas for breaking through anything that limits your performance, advancement, and fulfillment!
Discover that the “Realm of the Miraculous” is alive and well and you can live in it too TODAY!
  • At one time, Barbara had four athletic stores and 10 more on the drawing board . . .

  • She also had muscular dystrophy . . .

  • Some days it was so bad she couldn’t move her legs, lift her head, or grip with her hands . . .

  • The “best” doctor at the MDA Research Center in New York City said, “There’s no treatment, there’s no cure.”

All that changed.

Read Barbara’s Story
in her first book,
God is God and We Are Not.

It was worth every step . . .

Asking these two simple questions puts you into the child-like mode of endless possibilities.

Try it!

Take any area of your life that you would like to improve and play with these two questions.

This is important:
Don’t answer the questions,
just ask them!

Answers show up, almost miraculously, as possibilities you may have never considered.


Because your adult, educated brain shuts up long enough for your curiosity to engage, just like your adorable three year-old self, who constantly asked, “Why?”
No matter what limitations you may think are real, the fact is that you are a divine being of God’s own kind, capable of flying over and through all limitations, and living in total freedom!

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