Module 5

“Your body responds according to its design, not your desire.

Give it what it was designed to have in abundance,

and it will give you vibrant, unstoppable health.” (Dr. Tom Taylor)

Make sure you’re holding on, ’cause there’s a sharp turn ahead!

Up to now, we’ve focused on your Spirit-Mind-Body connection.
Now it’s time to look at what you put into your body and what effect it has on:
  • how you look
  • how you feel
  • how long you live
WATCH closely
LISTEN carefully

#17 – Why is NASA hoarding these?

This quick video reveals an ingredient found in Twinkies that NASA depends on for every launch!
Don’t be surprised if there’s a massive, sudden shortage in your neighborhood market!

What do Twinkies and rocket fuel have in common?

Given what you know already about food, fuel, and what it takes to gain maximum “thrust,” this video should make perfect sense!
Here’s a food that really fuels your rocket properly!

Find out here:

Grab as many Twinkies as you can now, because the closer we get to landing on Mars, the more they’ll be worth!

#18 – How to know your nutritional supplements are working

If you feel like “Pillman” here, you aren’t getting at the cause…
Mrs. Winters arrived for her first office visit with a suitcase full of supplements that she took throughout a normal day.

A Suitcase?!

I’d seen shopping bags before, but never a full suitcase! “Who in the world recommended all this?” I asked in a transparently horrified voice. “Different practitioners, magazines I read, people who worked in the health food store I shop at, or friends who told me about something they were taking,” Mrs. Winters answered, seemingly unconcerned.

Ever hear the expression, “Everyone is an expert”?

Mrs. Winters left with three bottles out of that suitcase. They were the only supplements that her body could actually USE, and she needed even less of those in time.
Find out whether what you’re doing is working or not . . .
  • How good do you want to look?
  • How good do you want to feel?
  • Do you believe you’re worth it?

You should need less, not more . . .

If the solutions you’re using today aren’t working 100% of the time, then you’re someone’s science experiment!

I hope that is as unacceptable to you as it is to me. Take a look at how you can tell whether what you’re doing is working or not . If you haven’t yet heard of the Essential Non-Negotiable FIVE, you should…

#19 – It’s in there!

Whether you know it or not . . . Whether you believe it or not . . .

You were designed perfectly!

Nothing was left out and nothing extra was put in! Many people don’t see it that way, though. Have you noticed? Some are adding medications to stop whatever symptoms they don’t like, while others are taking out parts that aren’t working right. Some are even replacing “worn out” or “defective” parts. The whole premise seems to be that our bodies are pathetically flawed in the hands of our Creator. REALLY?
Here’s what the original “Shark” from the Shark Tank program said about the book, Your Personal Roadmap to Whole Body Cleansing: “This is being proactive for your health!”
The book goes way beyond just another book on cleansing! In fact, it’s called a “complete roadmap” to nutritional cleansing.

Are you ready for this?

Heaven forbid that WE might bear some responsibility!

Watch the video to gain a correct perspective.

#20 – The World’s Shortest Nutrition Lesson

Nutrition is one of the most troubling subjects for a lot of people! And no wonder!

You can find an authority who will tell you almost anything!

  • All vegetables
  • All fruit
  • No fruit
  • High protein
  • No protein
  • Low fat
  • No carbs
  • Some carbs
  • Blood type
  • Body type

I learned and teach what I call “Practical Nutrition,” which is based on anatomy.

1. Anatomy is the same for every man, woman and child, no matter where you’re from or what your heritage. 2. Your food travels through your body and specific actions occur in the same parts of your body as in a Masai warrior, an Eskimo, a Tibetan monk, a European Caucasian, or an Australian aborigine. 3. Nutritional rules must follow our anatomy if we expect to get the most value from the foods we eat.
Anchor the most important principles from the video:
  • Learn what to eat
  • Discover which water is best
  • Get 20 free videos answering the most common and important questions about nutritional cleansing

What if it’s just this simple?

That’s all there is to it!

But try as I might, every time I’ve taught a nutrition class, it takes three days to wade through the maze of misinformation that everyone brings with them. Well, here’s a chance for you to sit in on the “World’s Shortest Nutrition Lesson”!

You may even have to play it more than once!

It goes by quickly – seriously, the whole video is a minute and a half long!
Trust me, we’ll get into the “WHY” of what you’ll see in this video clip, but for now, consider this question: “Who’s it up to?”

Ready for the next module?

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