Module 4

“When a situation, relationship, or physical condition won’t resolve,

you have more to learn, forgive, and be grateful for.” (Dr. Tom Taylor)

#13 – How is your body like a “Super Ball”?

This may be a stretch, so stay with me please . . . When I was in junior high school, the “Super Ball” came out. It was a little larger than a golf ball and whatever it was made of gave it extraordinarily high bounce that lasted a long time compared to any other ball made before it. My friends and I dropped a Super Ball off a 13th floor balcony and watched it bounce back up toward probably the 8th floor, then go off in all kinds of unpredictable directions for what seemed like several minutes. (No one was hit and no glass was broken, luckily for us!)

Most people focus on their bodies like my friends and I focused on the Super Ball.

They focus on what their bodies are doing – what hurts and where; we call those symptoms. Most people go to their doctors the same way: they arrive with a collection of symptoms – those are EFFECTS – which both the doctors and patients treat, as if the body is a collection of pieces and parts that break. No one thinks about WHY the symptoms showed up in the first place, i.e., the CAUSE.

You can never treat enough symptoms to correct the cause.

Maybe that seems like an obvious statement to make, but you and I know people right now who are running between one doctor or hospital after another to get one treatment after another for all manner of symptoms. Meanwhile, the cause is often blamed on family history or genetics, or worse, it is neglected entirely. The result is a continual merry-go-round of symptom-chasing.
Lock in the principles with the ENERGY ACTION GUIDE:

Adjust your perception:

All that’s needed is a slight adjustment of our perception.

Watching the video will help. Enjoy!

As you watch the video:

When you hear these words, think EFFECTS:

          • Body
          • Tissues
          • Organs
          • Cells

When you hear these words, think CAUSE:

          • Spirit
          • Mind
          • Thoughts
          • Beliefs
          • Memory
          • Feelings
          • Emotions

#14 – The Decision to Forgive

This analogy is really gonna date me! If you’re too young to recognize the picture here, then you missed a weekly adventure in the 1950’s!
The point is that the Lone Ranger was a guy who stood … well … alone! He was different from everyone else. Ever feel that way? Me too … all my life. When Barbara and I first met Andy Andrews, I realized that he and I had something in common.

I wasn’t the Lone Ranger after all!

He confirmed what I knew about how important forgiving and being grateful is, if you’re serious about living well. This is a spot-on interview with Andy about what he calls “The Seven Decisions.”
Walk through the steps of forgiveness and go free today!

Andy Andrews’ “The Seven Decisions”

Forgiving is the first step to healing your memory and healing your life!

If you ever find that a situation, relationship, or physical condition won’t resolve, you have more to learn, more to forgive and be grateful for. You also have the process to identify and break through it, explained step-by-step in the book, It Happened, It’s Over, It’s OK Now!

#15 – How many cats can you juggle?

One winter, when I was maybe 11 or 12 years old, my dad took me to pick out a new kitten. She was jet black and I held her all the way home. I loved that cat to pieces and she must have known it, because out of all the others in the family (Mom, Dad, and two sisters) …

I was the only one whose nose she would lick whenever I leaned down.

She did that even after I’d left home and came back for a visit with a child of my own! Unlike people, cats are always cool, seemingly impervious to stress, and always land on their feet.

What if you could learn to be cool, and always land on your feet, even while you’re juggling your responsibilities, activities, and relationships?

This video starts out as an introduction to a seminar about nutrition and diet, but, as you’ll discover, it’s about so much more . . .
Overcome your family history and genetics today!

What’s If – Expand Your Possibilities

You can learn how to “juggle your cats,” beat the odds of your family history, and your genetic “fate.”

The processes are simple and you’ll find step-by-step explanations in the book, It Happened, It’s Over, It’s OK Now!

#16 – Bless your heart!

One of the most often heard phrases in the South is, “Bless your heart” or “Bless her heart.”
When you think of the people who were a part of your raising, you could probably say the same thing.

You own what you’ve experienced

Much of my experience – at least growing up – prepared me to teach seminars by showing me what NOT to do! Can you relate?

Be proactive for your health and your future!

  • Learn what to eat!
  • Discover what is the best water to drink.
  • Get fit in 5 minutes or less daily!
  • Get 20 free videos that answer the most common and important questions about nutritional cleansing!

My beginnings…

The video above will give you some insight into why I’m so passionate about the subjects we’re exploring together.

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