Module 3

“Forgiveness unlocks the doors of the prison you built,

but gratitude for the lesson(s) learned opens the doors.” (Dr. Tom Taylor)

#9 – Use Six Principles to
heal your life

Even though I knew the principles I shared in the video about healing your memory, I still made myself sick for about two weeks many years ago.

My sleep was disturbed. My energy level plummeted. I became cranky (well, more than usual). I was getting more miserable by the day and I knew it.

And even though I knew better than to go down this road, I was tumbling out of control.

How you feel about the past could be making you sick today. You can’t change it, so what do you do?

Here’s what happened:

Someone attended an event for health care practitioners after I had already told him that the seminar was only for credentialed professionals.

I was right. Nothing personal. He didn’t qualify. It was that simple.

Apparently, he’d gone over my head, because there he was, fully enrolled.

Principle #1:
Judgment, right or wrong,
is all about you
and it’s always a mistake.

My judgment transformed into indignation, and from there into anger that increased by the hour.

I became furious and over the next several weeks, sought to “correct” the situation and prevent it from occurring again.

Someone changed the rules without telling me.

Principle #2:
He or she who gets upset has the problem.

No one I spoke to was interested in changing the situation, past or future.

As the weeks progressed, I noticed that my anger was consuming me; I was literally making myself sick!

I could feel the stress in my body, as if I was constantly wrestling with wild bears.

That’s when I made a decision, which seemed to run counter to my nature and would never satisfy my desire for what I perceived as “justice.”

The decision I made was for no one’s good but mine.

I decided to surrender my anger and forgive.

Principle #3:
Forgiveness is all about YOU
and it’s the first step to freedom.

Forgiving is simple (SIMPLE and EASY are not the same!):
  • “I forgive you for what you did that hurt me.”
  • “I forgive myself for carrying this around and making myself sick.”
  • “I give you permission to forgive me for judging you.”
  • “Father (i.e., God), I forgive You for making this necessary in my life.”
  • “Thank You for what I learned, or what I’m learning.”
You never have to speak to anyone. It’s all inside yourself.

Go on!
Heal your memory
and heal your life!

Review the principles
with the

Try this today!

Watch the video again:

No matter how challenging
the process may seem,
it’s all about energy . . . yours!

Principle #4:
Forgiveness unlocks the doors
of the prison you built,
but gratitude for the lesson(s) learned
opens the doors.

The truth is, I don’t know what my lessons are sometimes.

I DO know that being grateful for them sets me free from getting sick over situations or relationships I wish hadn’t happened or had been different.

The other truth is that I don’t always FEEL thankful. Don’t be surprised if it’s just not in you … at least, not right away.

Principle #5:
Wishing well those who hurt you
sets you free and finally allows your memory to heal.

In less than 24 hours after completing the process described above, my energy returned and my outlook improved.

Principle #6:
It happened. It’s Over. It’s OK now.

The situation never changed. I did.

Don’t underestimate the effects of memory that you store with negative emotions. They can lead to serious health problems.

Likewise, don’t underestimate the healing power of forgiving, being grateful, and wishing others well. It will lead to unstoppable well-being!
The whole process is outlined in the virtual online course, Memory Re-Framing.

#10 – Don’t get your bowels
in an uproar!

You’ve heard this expression before, right?

“Don’t get your bowels in an uproar!”

When my mother was in her 80’s she noticed a little blood in her stool. Her doctor found a small growth, very new, but malignant.

She had no family history of colon cancer, no genetic predisposition, and her lifestyle didn’t indicate any such risk. Her doctor had no explanation for a tumor that seemed to appear out of the blue.

That’s when I get curious, because your body doesn’t make mistakes.

Everything your body does
is perfect for one purpose:

So, what was my mother surviving that led to a tumor in her colon?

Follow me here:

Colon … bowels … distress … intense enough for long enough to cause localized irritation.

Most people blame diet first.

That might work if something in her diet or eating patterns had changed dramatically enough to create such a specific area of irritation, but that wasn’t the case.

Bowel … small tumor … new … malignant … not diet-related (that usually takes a long time to show up anyway).

What if it were an emotional stress?

Something that she stuffed deep enough that she never mentioned it to anyone, but it was eating away at her for, say, a few months at most (it was a very young tumor, still pink, and able to bleed lightly)?

Turned out that in the process of selling her house some months back, a couple had told the realtor, who then told Mom, all the ways in which her house was substandard and outdated.

What sounded to me like a deliberate attempt to bring down the price, Mom took as a personal attack.
Learn how seizures
and even spinal meningitis
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this technique!
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Your body doesn’t make mistakes!

When I asked Mom to recall any experience she could think of that she’d kept to herself, but had really bothered her at the time, she told me the story I related above.

It was eating away at her!

That’s what caused the tumor and that set Mom on a course to correct her spiritual, mental, and emotional balance, so that the physical expression (i.e., the tumor) became unnecessary to continue.

Mom still had the surgery, but her outrageously rapid healing time left her doctors marveling.

Oh yeah, no chemo or radiation followed the surgery; just some corrective perception, emotional re-balancing, and increased nutritional supplementation to quickly rebuild the damaged tissues.

Of course, Mom prevented any possibility of a recurrence.

What was the “magic”?
The whole process is outlined in the book: It Happened, It’s Over, It’s OK Now! and the virtual online course, Memory Re-Framing.

#11 – Get curious and increase
your possibilities!

What can you do?

The truck was already reserved and the day was etched in stone. This was the only day to move things out of a storage unit in New Hampshire . . .

In January . . .

And it snowed . . .

A lot.

In fact, it was a blizzard.

I made my way, foot by foot, it seemed, in the 24-foot U-Haul. A pickup truck and I almost collided as our lanes merged. He would have to yield, because inertia had taken over, and one wrong tap on the brakes, I’d be heading into a spin, and it wouldn’t end well.

Once at the storage facility, I maneuvered the truck toward the far end; the worst possible spot even in good conditions!

Note to self:
Pick a unit closer to the front!

On the last 90-degree turn down the row to my unit, the rear wheels caught the ice under the snow, and started spinning.

No movement was going to happen, either forward or backward.

“Things happen, but
I’m not making them happen;
they just do!”

Now what do I do?

I could hear Barbara’s southern accent in my head: “This oughta get you to prayin’.”

That’s when I started asking, “What if…?”
What if all you have
to do is ask and the
answers just show up?

Never move during a snowstorm!

  • What if there’s always a way?
  • Even when you don’t believe it…
  • Let alone know what it is?

“What if there’s a way to move this truck? What would that look like?”

For some reason, I looked in the back of the truck and VOILA! A snow shovel and a fresh bag of rock salt!

How did those get there?

I don’t remember putting anything in the truck when I got it, but there they were.

Less than five minutes later, I pulled the truck around reasonably close to the storage unit.

“In practical terms, it shows up in the absence of stress and a certainty of purpose throughout all activity every day.”

#12 – Turn your enemies into
your allies!

As a kid, I was super sensitive to what others thought of me.

Mom and Dad were both well-known in the community (Dad was the high school Choral Director) and at church, where they were both soloists in the choir.

One of my dad’s go-to admonishments before I left the house to go out with friends as a teenager was this:

“Remember who you are and
who you represent.”

It seemed that I was always expected to behave a certain way and I became an expert at “people-pleasing” at a young age.

And, as you might imagine, I fought “the enemy within” regularly.

After all, I saw him in the mirror every day!

Your “enemy within” might show up as self doubt, procrastination … any thought, feeling, habit, or belief that limits your performance, advancement, or fulfillment.

Your “enemy outside” might be the economy, governmental regulation, competition, or other factors over which you have little or no control.

Search the term, “motivational,” in YouTube and you’ll find a long list of presentations, all geared to forcefully break the patterns that limit a person’s success.

They are hard-charging, fist-pounding, and focus on fighting, pushing through, or otherwise aggressively conquering the enemy – or enemies – within.
Speaking of possibilities, read Barbara’s story of healing and many others in her book:
  • Find inspiration!
  • Discover insight!
  • Turn your own enemy within into your ally!
  • Get on with fulfilling the purpose for which you were created!
  • Get on with fulfilling the purpose for which you were created!

See if you recognize
the wisdom in this:

What if you could transform what you perceive as an enemy into an ally?

To me, Barbara did exactly that when she tapped into her sense of purpose – literally, the call that she knew was on her life – to make a determination that caused her “enemy within” to become her ally.

Yes, it took a divine miracle to heal her body, but look at the progression! Within weeks of earnestly seeking to fulfill the purpose for which she was created, she ran all the way home healed!

Use Barbara’s “one-liners”
to frame your intention and
take charge of your day!

Check out Barbara’s World:

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