Module 2

“Embed the principles in your memory,

integrate them into your awareness,

and incorporate them into your life.” (Dr. Tom Taylor)

Remember Radio?

Before television, before video, radio drew families together.
Their imaginations created pictures for news reports, dramatic programs and comedies.
LISTEN Download the mp3 recording and use your imagination!
WATCH Go ahead! Use your modern technology!

#5 – Heal Your Mind,
Heal Your Life

When the doctor whose work inspired me to switch careers at age 40 showed me what he called, “The Mind-Body Connection,” I felt like an entirely new universe had opened.

The next 24 hours were a rollercoaster ride that alternated between feeling horrified and excited, realizing that what I thought about and how I felt about it, translated into some kind of sensation in my body!

When I felt irritated at the slow-moving drivers in the fast lane of the highway who were in my way, I noticed that the base of my neck tightened and began to tingle.

I was horrified but then relieved to realize,

I’m doing this to myself!
That means I can change it!”

Then, during a live speech, I heard a world-famous author say, “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” Once again, the universe in my mind expanded far beyond its former boundaries with a single realization:

“Memory can heal
just like a physical wound.”

Lock in the principles
with the

Here’s how:

  • Grasp the power inside you!
  • Your body is only as healthy as your memory!
  • How much better would you feel if your memory were healed?
These principles formed the basis for my wellness career that began in 1990, and I’ve been blessed to witness countless healing miracles occur in the lives of people who had been everywhere and done everything else.

This video encapsulates how the mind-body connection works and how surprisingly simple it is to heal your memory and heal your life.

#6 – Meet a “Walking Miracle”

Most people you know probably don’t think of themselves as walking miracles.

Barbara and I stood on top of Pinnacle Mountain near Little Rock, Arkansas, in September, 2009.

It’s not a tall mountain by some standards, but, at just over 1,000 feet it’s steep enough, with plenty of rock to scramble over to wear you out.

At the summit, Barbara said, almost casually,

“It’s been 27 years since
I could hike this.”

She was referring to the fact that her condition 27 years earlier made it impossible to move at all sometimes, let alone hike a mountain.

What condition? And what happened to change it? Glad you asked.

What you’re about to see and hear is an example of how setting an intention that is completely outside yourself and goes against everyone else’s idea of what’s possible, produces …
Want a copy of the song,
“I’m a Walking Miracle,”
that played at the end of Barbara’s video?

Hear her story:

What if YOU are a “walking miracle” too?
What would that look like?

#7 – Live in the “Realm of the Miraculous”

The “Realm of the Miraculous” should be our normal way of life, don’t you think?

Unfortunately, it isn’t for most today.

Why not?

Because, most people practically exhaust themselves:

• Striving and driving to make things happen.
• Teaching their kids and others how to do the same.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for working hard and getting stuff done, but the “Realm of the Miraculous” is a flow of being guided by the Spirit, moment by moment.

Anything less than being Spirit-led
is living too low.

Here’s how Dr. Taylor expresses his experience:

“One of the biggest benefits has been living out from under usual human striving to survive, let alone succeed, and living in the peace and presence of God instead.

In practical terms, it shows up in the absence of stress and a certainty of purpose throughout all activity every day.”
Read Barbara’s
Whole Story…
  • Barbara had four athletic stores and 10 more on the drawing board …

  • A home on the lake with a pool and a spa…everything money could buy …

  • She also had muscular dystrophy.

All that changed.

Read Barbara’s Story
in her first book,
GOD is GOD and We Are Not.

What’s your next step?

“Can We Be Friends Now?”
  • Meet the most unlikely apostle
  • Discover the “secret” that most miss
  • Get to know God on a deeper level
It’s time you heard the Apostle Paul’s most important revelation!
Click the image below to learn more:

“Things happen, but
I’m not making them happen;
they just do!”

#8 – What if you knew you
couldn’t fail?

Every successful person takes risks!

Some have changed the course of human history. For example:
Marie Curie – Discovered previously unknown elements, radium and polonium.
Jane Goodall – Her nearly life-long study of chimpanzees is legendary.
Thomas Edison – If not for him, you and I might still be reading by candlelight.

Every successful person faces challenges and takes risks that few understand and that most others would not conquer.

The Wright brothers – You and I can fly from Los Angeles to Boston in six hours thanks to them and those who followed in their footsteps.
Golda Meir – Before she became Israel’s fourth Prime Minister, she visited the U.S. to raise money for Israel’s battle for independence. She came with the clothes on her back, an old overcoat, and less than $50.00. She returned to Israel with millions.

Make your
work for you!

Thomas Edison said,
“I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
  • Keep asking, “What if?”

  • When truly successful leaders fail, they start over.

  • That’s why we know their names today.

How do you set the tone
for your day?

Use Barbara’s “one-liners”
to frame your intention and
take charge of your day!

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