Module 10

“You can trace every sickness, every disease and

every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”

Two-time Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling

#37 – Are you eating this stuff?

One of the most controversial and troubling issues regarding food production in the U.S. over the past decade is “GMO” (Genetically Modified Organism). Since hybridization began in the late 1800’s and ramped up early in the last century, we’ve been eating genetically modified food, especially in products made from corn or wheat.
Modern laboratory genetic modification is a process in which – let’s be honest – man plays God by deliberately manipulating genetic material to achieve a specific outcome. You may recall learning about crops grown with weed-resistant seeds from Monsanto, the genetic material of which contains the Roundup pesticide!
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If you and I eat corn grown from these seeds, we’re eating Roundup too!

In the video, family physician, Dr. Claudia Gabrielle, explains how GMO affects your health.

#38 – Shells and rocks won’t cut it . . .

Remember the craze over Coral Calcium and Oyster Shell Calcium supplements? We saw TV infomercials for months touting the benefits of taking calcium made from ground up coral or oyster shells!
You can still buy the stuff, but you don’t hear much about it anymore. Do you wonder why? Well, let’s see: Maybe it’s because ingesting ground up coral or oyster shells makes about as much sense as eating rocks!
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Does eating shells make sense to you?

Here’s Dr. Claudia Gabrielle with some common sense and a better solution!

#39 – Do you hate being wrong?

A friend of mine once told me, “I don’t mind being wrong. I just mind not knowing.” Up until he said this to me, I HATED being wrong!
When I taught doctors about how your body works on a cellular level, I thought I had all the bases covered. After all, a huge body of science backed me up forwards and backwards . . . . . . Until I discovered that what every scientist believed to be true for decades was dead wrong! Molecules that were considered as waste, called “redox signaling,” or “cell-signaling,” molecules, were suddenly found to act like light switches and cell towers inside your body, effectively turning on your antioxidants, controlling the speed of healing and enabling communication between your cells and organs!

Your immune system works because of cell-signaling molecules!

They help you resist illness, and speeding up your recovery from injury and even exercise!

You make redox signaling molecules constantly and without them, you’d die in minutes!

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My friend was right . . .

The trouble is that the older you get, the fewer cell-signaling molecules you make. The good news is that an atomic physicist perfected a product to replenish your supply of redox signaling molecules!

It was worth being wrong to find this!

Barbara Brown, MSE and I noticed remarkable changes in just a few days of testing this breakthrough product, beginning in early 2011. Others, many of whom suffered from debilitating and even life-threatening illness, noticed huge changes — reflected in their medical tests — within a few months. In the video, family physician, Dr. Claudia Gabrielle, tells you more.

#40 – What’s that smell?

Moms were always horrified when their kids would come in right after soccer practice and take off their shoes for their office visit. Admittedly, it was pretty bad.
Have you ever noticed, though, that some smells are soothing, while others are energizing? The science of aroma therapy and essential oils is around 6,000 years old, the benefits are well-documented, despite assertions to the contrary by the medical community.
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One physician is more open-minded, however. See if you don’t find her experience compelling and her enthusiasm downright infectious!

#41 – Are you adding the right water to your battery?

A long time ago, we used to have to check the water level in the car battery. You took off a cap over each cell and added water if the level was too low.
Distilled water was required, because minerals in regular water would neutralize some of the acid in the battery and lessen its life. Your body is a little like a battery too, except instead of running on a primarily acid pH:

It runs best on an alkaline pH.

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And it turns out that the water you add to your “body-battery” should be alkaline too!
In this video, family physician, Dr. Claudia Gabrielle explains the connection between your pH and the water you drink.

#42 – What’s in your way?

One of the toughest lessons I had to learn — and one of the longest — was how to follow the leading of the Spirit and set boundaries when friends and family thought I’d lost my way.
For a former people-pleaser like me, that’s not an easy change to make. Someone, who went free before me, helped me. One of her many sayings is, “God never said it’d be easy. He said He’d be with us.”
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“It’s All About Energy!”

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