Module 1

“You’ll make enormous practical impact on more than just your physical health

IF you embrace and apply what you’re learning daily,

you’ll benefit virtually every area of your life!” (Dr. Tom Taylor)

WATCH Concepts demonstrated in each video.
LISTEN Download the audio recording and take it with you.
WRITE IT DOWN Answer the questions in the “Energy Action Guides.” (We even give you the answers!)
SUPER GLUE principles and processes.

#1 – The Power of Intention

When you ask most people what they could use more of, they’ll often answer: “I want more energy!”

That’s exactly what this series is all about.

You can help something new
take shape!

Most people, however, find show-and-tell helpful, so we’ve reserved a front row seat for you to see how it works.

This first video is a mind-blowing demonstration of your power of intention!

(These are trained professionals. Don’t attempt this at home!)
“Super Glue”
the principles and processes
using the ENERGY ACTION GUIDE below:

How to Bend Steel with the
Power of Intention

Ready to bend
some “steel” in your own life?
Go ahead, give it a try!

#2 – Using the Power of Intention

Some people have a vision, but never set their intention.

Some set their intention, but never move toward their vision.

Others move toward their vision, but stop short of realizing its fulfillment.

The good news: You were created with everything you need
already built-in!

Those who succeed are utterly committed to building the bridge between their vision and its fulfillment, through the power of their intention.
Use the

What’s your next step?

  • Embed the principles in your memory!
  • Integrate them into your awareness!
  • Incorporate them into your life!

#3 – Divine Health is your
“Original Design”

Everything that we have seen throughout our experiences has proven this:

Divine Health is
your “Original Design.”

It’s how your Creator built you and achieving it is not only possible, it’s simple and unstoppable when you find and remove the interference that’s in its way.

The catch is that you and I create our own interference!

You may think that interference with your total well-being comes from somewhere, or, more likely, some-ONE else, but as you’ll discover in the coming days, the source is as close as your bathroom mirror.

You can identify and remove the interference you create
simply and quickly!

The entire process is called “The Heart, Soul and Spirit Cleanse.”

It’s detailed in the books: “It Happened, It’s Over, It’s OK NOW!,”and “Your Personal Roadmap to Whole Body Cleansing.”

Heal Your Memory –
Heal your body!

#4 – What do Bushwhacks and Artichokes have in common?

How illness and dysfunction
often begin to find us.

Have you ever heard the expression, “Peeling the layers of an onion”?

This saying is often applied to any process that involves dealing with emotional or relationship issues, and even physical health.

But, if you’ve ever spent any time in the kitchen peeling a real onion, you’ll understand why I’m not a fan of the analogy.

At the supermarket one day, Dr. Taylor stumbled on a new analogy that turned out to dovetail perfectly with a presentation that communicates principles of how illness and dysfunction often begins to find us.

See for yourself what “Bushwhacks and Artichokes” have in common, and how the comparison applies to your life..

BTW: If you’re unfamiliar with where the term, “bushwhack,” comes from, watch any old western movie with a bad guy that comes out of nowhere to rob a stagecoach, leaving innocent people in the middle of nowhere, who were minding their own business just minutes before.
Use this
to cement the principles
from the video:

Find out here:

What if you could use
an artichoke to heal your
own Bushwhack experiences?

Ready for the next module?

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