How to get the most out of this resource

WATCH Sit back, relax and enjoy each video, then replay as many times as you'd like.
LISTEN Download the mp3 recordings and listen anywhere, anytime to reinforce the concepts.
DOWNLOAD Use the "Energy Action Guides," answer pages, and bonuses to implant the principles in long-term memory, integrate them into your awareness, and incorporate them into your life.
APPLY You'll benefit virtually every area of your life when you apply what you learn in this series.

Your Instructors

Barbara Brown, MSE

Dr. Tom Taylor

Claudia Gabrielle, MD, FAAFP

"It's All About Energy" is designed to be learned in sequence

and each module builds on the previous one

All 10 module include these:

  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Action Guides
(Some modules contain special bonus material)

Module 1


Bushwhacks and Artichokes

Module 2

Healing Memory and Living

in the "Realm of the Miraculous"

Module 3

Get Curious!

Snowstorms, Enemies and Allies

Module 4

Superballs, Balloons

and Expanding Possibilities

Module 5

Twinkies and the

World's Shortest Nutrition Lesson

Module 6

Energy, Acid,

Cells and Holograms

Module 7

Kitchen Combat

and Supermarket Survival

Module 8

Viruses, Trans Fats

and Label Reading 101

Module 9

Geiger Counters

and "The Magic of pH"

Module 10

Trace Minerals,

GMO's and Essential Oils

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