Relax and stop juggling!

    You may feel like you’re juggling cats instead of balls, but that’s a pretty good explanation of how illness can get started. I would suggest, however, that the cycle the doc in this video describes is NOT caused by what chiropractors call “subluxations.” Imbalances in your energy system, which stress of all kinds causes, precedes a subluxation and results in the hormone cascade the doc in this video describes. The key is to restore balance to your energy system and your body will handle the rest! This is the focus of “Life-Energy Balancing“! Watch the video, and then learn how simple it is to stop your juggling act every day, re-balance your energy, relax your muscles, calm your frazzled nerves, and take your life back! Check out Life-Energy Balancing. Until next time . . . LIVE WELL!

Divine Health is Your Original Design

“I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health.” (3 John 2)


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