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When your adrenals are exhausted, so are you!

  • Trauma – physical or emotional
  • Poor diet
  • Infection
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Lack of sleep
  • Family and work relationships
  • Temperature changes
  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Allergies

“The non-specific response of the body to any demand for change.”

Hans Selye, Biology of Stress collage: General Adpatation Syndrome; Non Specific Response;
1. Alarm (red bell icon in a blue circle).
2. Resistance (red and silver striped 3D shield logo in  a blue circle)
3. Exhaustion (low battery symbol in a blue circle)

  • They produce hormones, which interact with other hormones, so balance is critically important!
  • They help control other glands, such as your thyroid, ovaries and prostate!
  • They help control organs like your heart and lungs!
  • They help your brain work at peak efficiency!
  • They help you sleep, wake you up and keep you going!
  • They help control your blood sugar, cholesterol, and keep the minerals in your bones!
Glands map over a cartoon body: Hypothalamus, Pineal Gland, and Pituitary Gland (in your head), Thyroid and Parathyroid (in your neck), Thymus in youor chest, Adrenal Glands (above your kidneys - either side of your spine below your ribcage), Pancreas (in your belly), Gonads (on either side of your uterus (in your belly area).

Our unique, two-pronged approach supports your stress glands in a way you’ve never seen before!

  • Reduce anxiety! Adrenal PLUS+™ 1 helps you handle mental and emotional stresses much easier, and even reduces your perception of stress.
  • Improve mental focus and short-term memory! Adrenal PLUS+™ 2 helps rebuild your stress glands with a blend of complimentary nutrients, plus safe, pure glandular extracts that have been used and studied for decades.
  • Decrease the effects of everyday stress! Adrenal PLUS+™ 1 targets the systems that drain your adrenal glands, so they don’t have to work so hard!
  • Fight fatigue FAST! Adrenal PLUS+™ 2 provides support for your body’s response to stress over a long period of time.
  • Improve sleep quality! Adrenal PLUS+™ 1 helps reduce cortisol, the biggest stress hormone!
  • Increase your energy naturally! Adrenal PLUS+™ 2 supports your body’s response to everyday physical, mental, and emotional stressors.
  • Improve your memory! Adrenal PLUS™+ 1 and 2 support neurotransmitters for more efficient brain function and less confusion, so you can remember where you put your keys!

Your adrenal glands are your first line of defense when it comes to handling stress.

Stress examples cartoon collage: Late night working drinking coffee to keep going; fast-food eating; Being pulled in 6 different directions uncertain what to prioritise when; couch potato lifestyle with tv and gaming and work stress.
Download the Product Reference Sheets: Complete list of all ingredients and directions; Explanations for the most important ingradients; Published research that you can actually fact-check. You will know exactly what you are getting in Adrenal PLUS+ 1 and Adrenal PLUS+ 2, and why we think it is the best stress busting, energy boosting supplements, hands down!
Dietary supplements: Adrenal PLUS+ 1 (natural stress buster) and Adrenal PLUS 2 (stress response support)
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