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Learn what to do everyday to feel
awesome all the time!
Make illness unnecessary,
focus like a laser,
sleep like a baby,
and live well in the only body
God gave you!
Whole Body
Your Personal Roadmap to Whole Body Cleansing!
Get your insides
"Squeaky Clean"!
Your Personal Roadmap to Whole Body Cleansing
Take charge of your health at a whole new level!
Make getting healthy simple with the concise, easy-to-follow guide to get your insides "Squeaky Clean"!
• 12 nutritional cleanses!
• 27 simple home remedies!
• 38 positive signs to look for! 
• 8 Master Keys that can unlock your total health! 
• Dozens of other tools and tips! 
• Tap into a wealth of information beyond the book!
Full-Color E-Book FREE with Every Paperback Purchase!
Trace Minerals PLUS+™
The oldest all-natural nutrients made by God for the only body you have!
As little as 31 cents/day!
Replenish your body with vital minerals and trace elements you need every day and can't get from foods or other supplements!
Every bottle comes with instructions on how to get started, plus a free report about what minerals are, why they're so important, and why you can't get them from the foods you eat!
Royal Flush® Kit
The only all-in-one, top-to-bottom, detoxifying
cleansing system available anywhere!
The Proof is in the Toilet!
The Proof
is in the Toilet!
Even doctors use the Royal Flush® to keep their insides "squeaky clean"!
All-natural, all-organic ingredients! See results in a day!
No herbal laxatives or harsh fibers! Feel results in a month or less!
Gluten-Free, Non-GMO! Complete, step-by-step instructions!
Power Shake PLUS+™
Power Shake PLUS+™ is Good Food Fast!
For less than the cost of one latte per day!
Grab a complete meal in less than five minutes!
  Stay alert and feel great for hours!
  Eliminate stubborn weight!
  Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, All-Vegan, Non-GMO!
  No Soy and suitable for diabetics!
  Delicious Dutch Chocolate and Creamy Vanilla!
  14 Servings per canister!
Power Greens PLUS+™
Real Concentrated Nutrition!
Only 90 cents/day!
Get 14 all-natural, power-packed, super-charged, Non-GMO superfoods in a convenient powder!
  Safe for Celiac!
  Safe for Diabetes!
  Satisfies Your Appetite!
  Efficient Absorption!
  Increases Your Energy!
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Adrenal PLUS+™ 1 and 2
Formula 303®
Digest PLUS+™ 1
Digest PLUS+™ 2
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Decrease fatigue and regain your natural energy!
Repair your "stress glands" and keep them humming with this unique combination of targeted nutrients and glandular extracts!
Relax your muscles and YOU – Naturally!
Relieve muscle spasms fast, reduce tension and soreness, and feel calm again without drugs and their side-effects!
Reduce reflux, burping, and improve digestion!
Increase nutrient absorption and help your stomach process fats, proteins, carbs and other difficult-to-digest foods!
Stop bloating, reduce gas, and improve digestion!
Increase nutrient absorption and give your pancreas a break with enzymes to help digest fats, carbs and protein in your small intestine!
Adrenal PLUS+™ 2 and Formula 303® make an Incredible Sleep Aid!
Put These Two Formulas Together For an Unbeatable Digestive Aid!
Juice Plus+®
Did you get 10-13 servings of fruits and vegetables today?
For less than a cup of
coffee per day!
Nutrition is surprisingly simple!
Juice Plus+® starts with farm fresh nutrition!
Add 30 of the most nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables, and grains to your diet every day!
More than 30 research studies have been conducted by leading hospitals and universities worldwide, and more are underway!
Juice Plus Family Health Study!
Add a child or grandchild to your order FREE for up to four years!
Ages 4 through college undergrad are eligible!
More than 1.5 million kids supplied over the past 10 years!
Stats show kids get sick less, miss fewer school days, and eat better too!
Your edge in the struggle to get your kids to eat well!
Find out why kids of all ages need Juice Plus+:
PLEASE NOTE: Juice Plus+® is ordered and ships from the Juice Plus+® company.
It does not appear in the "store" with our other products.
Nutrients so essential to life that without them, you'd die within seconds!
For less than the cost of one latte per day!
The world’s only source for replenishing vital Redox Signaling molecules! Barbara Brown calls ASEA®, "God's building blocks,"
Speeds healing and recovery!
Decreases inflammation!
Boosts your immune system!
Increases antioxidant effectiveness up to 500%!
PLEASE NOTE: ASEA® is ordered and ships from the ASEA® company.
It does not appear in the "store" with our other products.
Take Back Your Tap! Change Your Water, Change Your Life!
Starting as low as $30.00/month!
Your body is made mostly of water, so doesn't it make sense to drink the kind of water that you were designed for?
Support your body's natural alkaline balance!
Drink water that actually penetrates your cells and truly hydrates!
Enhance your body's fight against free radicals with water that is naturally antioxidizing!
Transport nutrients to every cell, dilute toxins, and remove waste efficiently!
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Essential Oils
Discover the Life-Changing Benefits of Pure, Powerful Essential Oils!
Get the Basics for only $45.97!
Treat yourself and those you love with three of the most-loved, easy-to-use oils: Lavender, Peppermint, and Thieves®, plus a helpful, "Essential Oils 101" booklet!
Essential oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years!
Benefits emotional, physical, and even spiritual wellness!
Provide targeted solutions you need to restore balance and feel your best!
Bring the pure essence of health-promoting botanicals to your home, your family, and your life!
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Discover what most experts get wrong!
in The Magic of pH - Your Ultimate Personal Health Indicator.
Discover what most doctors don't know!
Feed Your Spirit!
The Magic of pH - Your Ultimate Personal Health Indicator!
 Every tool you need to test your pH at home!
 Special Pricing for a limited time!
 $336.82 Value for only $74.97!
The Magic of pH Starter Packet
Urine pH – How good is your diet?
Saliva pH – How are you handling stress really?
Step-by-Step instructions in the book, The Magic of pH!
No more guessing! Now you can KNOW!
Discover what living in the "Realm of the Miraculous" looks like!
Fall in Love with the One Who said, "Let there be YOU!"
Meet a God freed from religious traditions and as hugable as your favorite Grandpa!
Join Barbara every morning by recording for a "Scripture of the Day," discussion and more!
Discover what the Bible really says and be prepared for surprise after surprise!
How to Let Go of the Past and Heal Your
Mind, Memory and Emotions!
How Your Body Works, Why It Works That Way,
and How to Make It Work For You!
It's OK display-48kb
It Happened, It's Over, It's OK Now!
 Break the chains of the past!
 Heal the wounds of old memories!
 Unlock the patterns of limiting beliefs!
The Full-Color PREMIUM EDITION includes videos, audios, a free
e-book and bonus downloads!
It's All About Energy!
Learn how your body REALLY works!
Discover why your diet matters more than you know!
Attack the supermarket like a commando!
Tap into a FREE Video Series!
Digital Courses
Practical, "hands-on" teaching to impart principles and skills you can master quickly
to help yourself, and those you know, love, and serve!
Advanced Hands-on
Healing System
Three levels of instruction with complete
video, audio, and written guides
What others are saying:
Get the tools to take charge of your life and your health at a whole new level!
Each Level of Life-Energy Balancing builds on the one before!
Help those you know and love feel their best!
Unwind the most stressful day in 10 minutes or less!
Reverse the effects of physical and emotional trauma in minutes!
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