Covering everything from how to use the power of your intention to surviving the supermarket!

  • Discover how your body really works!
  • Explore why your body works the way it does!
  • Learn how to make your body work for you!

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Action Guides

Use the “Energy Action Guides,” answer pages, and bonuses to implant the principles in long-term memory, integrate them into your awareness, and incorporate them into your life.
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10 Modules to explore at your own pace!

“It’s All About Energy” is designed to be learned in sequence
and each module builds on the previous one

Module 1

Intentions, Bushwhacks and Artichokes

Module 2

Living in the
“Realm of the Miraculous”

Module 3

Curiosity, Snowstorms, Enemies and Allies

Module 4

Superballs, Balloons, and Expanding Possibilities

Module 5

Twinkies and the World’s Shortest Nutrition Lesson

Module 6

Energy, Acid,
Cells and Holograms

Module 7

Kitchen Combat and Supermarket Survival

Module 8

Viruses, Trans Fats,
and Label Reading 101

Module 9

Geiger Counters
and “The Magic of pH”

Module 10

Trace Minerals, GMO’s and Essential Oils

You’ll hear from these three experts!

Dr. Tom Taylor
Dr. Tom Taylor is recognized internationally as an expert in pH, practical nutrition, and Bio-Energy Balancing. He has trained health care practitioners from around the world, written dozens of professional articles, and led numerous seminars for the public around the U.S.

Dr. Taylor’s mission since 1990 has been to “take the ‘Hell’ out of health care,” and his focus has been helping people restore and sustain total health and well-being, regardless of age, condition, or history.

“If the solutions you’re trying aren’t working 100% of the time,” Dr. Taylor says, “You’re someone’s science experiment!”

Learn more about Dr. Taylor on Facebook.
Barbara Brown, MSE
Divinely healed of muscular dystrophy, Barbara is a walking miracle who has been the guest of kings and presidents, bringing the “Realm of the Miraculous” and imparting Whole Life and Whole Health to palaces and boardrooms around the world.

When Barbara nearly died from a ruptured appendix, the experience compelled her to take personal responsibility for her health and sent her on a quest for solutions that work 100% of the time.

With three Masters Degrees in science and education, Barbara is an author, ordained minister, businesswoman, speaker, and wellness advocate, helping people from the whorehouse to the White House re-awaken and restore their original design, and fulfill the purpose for which they were created.

Learn more at
Claudia Gabrielle, MD, FAAFP
Trained at Brown University Medical School, Dr. Gabrielle has practiced family medicine all over the world since 1995. She has also been awarded the prestigious Degree of Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians (FAAFP).

Dr. Gabrielle’s emphasis on holistic therapies and wellness over prescriptions and surgeries inspires uncommon loyalty among her patients, and makes her a much sought-after physician, whose personal experience matches her extraordinary professional expertise.

Learn more about Dr. Gabrielle at