Discover the 8 Master Keys
To Unlock Your TOTAL Health!

1. Eat (Key Graphic)
2. Eat (Key Graphic)
3. Breathe (Key Graphic)
4. Exercise (Key Graphic)
5. Rest (Key Graphic)
6. Think - Feel - Believe (Key Graphic)
7. Speak (Key Graphic)
8. Nurture Spirit (Key Graphic)
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8 Master Keys That Unlock Your Total Health Audio (with click me icon)
Bonus Downloads

Belly Breathing

Belly Breathing instructions

Stop stress in its tracks in two minutes or less!

Victory March

4-Minute Fitness with the Victory March instructions

A complete neurological upgrade, plus total fitness in less than five minutes!

Free Resources

The “Essential, Non-Negotiable FIVE

The Essential Non-Negotiable FIVE ebook and mini-videos by Barbara Brown MSE and Dr. Tom Taylor: How good do you want to feel, how good do you want to look, and do you believe you're worth it?

Find out what you need to do every day to feel awesome all the time!

A delicious meal in 5 minutes or less

Barbaras Ultimate Power Breakfast pink shake with a strawberry on the side and recipe


Nurture your spirit with “Can We Be Friends Now?”

Can We Be Friends Now? Logo

It’s time you heard the Apostle Paul’s most important revelation!

Find out what the Bible really says

Premium Resources

Whole Body Cleansing

Your Personal Roadmap to Whole Body Cleansing by Barbara Brown MSE and Dr. Tom Taylor videos like, What are some positive signs to look from a nutritional cleansing program?

“Your Personal Roadmap to Whole Body Cleansing”

Learn Hands-On Healing for the whole family!

Life Energy Balancing: 1. Dr. Mom - Dr Dad; 2. Rapid Stress Relief; 3. Rapid Trauma Recovery.

Clear your mind and heal your body in 3 steps that you can learn today!

Heal your memory – Heal your body!

How to let go of the past and heal your mind memory and emotion: It Happened, It's Over, It's OK Now! Book, videos and MP3. Videos include: How to be kind to yourself and Heal your memory, heal your life.

Free yourself of a painful past and heal your body at the same time!

Master “What You Speak”

The Tongue A Creative Force by Charles Capps.

Order The Tongue A Creative Force by Charles Capps.