A convenient, but costly excuse . . .

    Let’s be honest: “Easier said than done” is a phrase we use to justify our resistance to changing some habit, even when that habit threatens our physical, mental or emotional health. Want an example: Think of how many people you know who have tried to quit smoking or lose weight. Resolving painful memories of past experiences and relationships is perhaps the greatest example of the difficulty we impose on ourselves, hidden in the phrase, “easier said than done.” Sometimes, it seems that we want someone to pay for history that we wish had been different, or wish hadn’t happened at all. I once heard someone say that holding on to the past is like swallowing poison and hoping the other person gets sick. Whatever the reason, we seem stubbornly reluctant to “let go” even when clinging to past wounds contributes to debilitating conditions, such as heart disease, osteoporosis, auto-immune disease, and even cancer.* Well, a solution that is both simple and elegant is available today. Its success has been documented for decades and appears as the “Heart, Soul and Spirit Cleanse” in Your Personal Roadmap to Whole Body Cleansing and It Happened, It’s Over, It’s OK Now. A “shortcut” version is detailed in The Magic of pH. The video linked below turns “easier said than done” inside out, demonstrating how to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs in a few simple steps … and all in the privacy of your own mind and heart. Don’t be the victim of past hurts another day. Learn how to use this simple process and watch your health transform and your most precious relationships become truly satisfying.

*Source: National Institutes of Health articles from 1938 through 1999

Until next time . . . LIVE WELL!


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