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  • Have you ever wondered why affirmations don’t work?
  • Have you ever tried changing your behavior for the better, only to slide back into old patterns every time?
  • Does it feel like the closer you get to feeling real happiness or success, you start looking over your shoulder for something bad to happen… because it always does?
  • Do you have symptoms that nothing seems to help?
  • Do your doctors scratch their heads wondering what’s wrong with you?

You’re not crazy!

The problems that make you feel like you’re broken and can’t be fixed, stem from Negative Memory Engrams.”

You can’t see them or touch them, but you can feel them and they're running you today!
  • They can aid your progress or limit it severely!
  • They determine your fears, phobias, and cravings.
  • They’re behind they ways you relate to other people, especially those closest to you.
  • They can even determine how fast you learn and your level of success.
Some memory engrams are positive:
Your favorite vacation experience, or your baby’s first smile.

Some engrams are negative:
The hot stove you touched as a child, a car accident, or a betrayal that comes into your mind and still feels wounding today.

Healing a cut or a broken bone is easy…
Healing a memory is another matter entirely. Entire professions are built on attempting to heal what appears to be an invisible, intangible wound.
There’s no ointment you can put on negative memory engrams; no pill you can take; no surgery you can perform;
but you CAN heal them!
Dr. Tom Taylor

Does Vibrant Health Seem to Evade You?

When you heal negative memory engrams,
illness can’t find you and dysfunction
can't hold you hostage any more!
When you learn how to heal your memory engrams,
your physical, mental and emotional health improves
almost miraculously and permanently!
Experience the kind of freedom,
peace, and joy
that may seem just out of reach today.
When you heal negative memory engrams, illness can’t find you, and dysfunction can't hold you hostage any more!
Your physical, mental and emotional health can improve almost miraculously and even permanently!
Experience the kind of freedom, peace, and joy that may seem just out of reach today.

Follow the steps in this ground-breaking book and go free TODAY

with a Sure-Fire Process you can use RIGHT AWAY!

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  • Learn how to identify and remove the roadblocks between you and your purpose.
  • Discover the secrets of how to stop pain, illness, and dysfunction.
  • Master powerful steps to re-activate your original design.
  • Uncover and Unwind old patterns, break through your history, and rewrite your future!
  • Learn how to Live Glitch-Free!

These Principles are Operating Right Now!:

Spiritual Principles

You are a spiritual being undergoing a physical experience, not the other way around.
Living like a physical being seeking a spiritual experience is 180 degrees out of phase with your original design; and pain, illness, disease, or dysfunction is the inevitable result.
Healing is inevitable and unstoppable when you restore your alignment with your original design.

Physical Principles

Your body is self-organizing, self-healing, and self-regulating.
Your body does not think, judge or reason; it responds for only one purpose: survival, and the response is perfect for the stimulus that makes it necessary.
Your body’s responses don’t always feel good.
We call those 'Symptoms' – but they are perfect nevertheless..

Your body responds according to its design, not your desire.

Health, happiness and success are the inevitable outcome
of making correct choices in the only eight areas of life you control.
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