Is Elderberry Safe to Use during the Coronavirus Outbreak?


If you’re confused by the conflicting reports about whether elderberry is helpful or harmful, here’s a simple answer:

Elderberry has been used for centuries to reduce cold and flu symptoms caused by viral infections.*

Multiple studies show it improves the immune response and may decrease the length of time of infection.*

The danger of elderberry creating a”cytokine storm” and worsening coronavirus symptoms or hampering healing isn’t supported by any scientific evidence.*

BOTTOM LINE: Elderberry is one of the safest tools in our toolbox!

So, go ahead! Get out those elderberry lozenges, gummies, tea and syrup.

Just be sure they’re free of corn syrup, sucrose and cane sugar because those actually cause inflammation.


Emerson Ecologics’ handout “Will Elderberry Induce a Cytokine Storm?”:

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