Our Mission:

To deliver an easy to follow roadmap that supports your body, mind and spirit with direction, education and resources that you can easily master for life.

Divine Health is Your Original Design

What's in it for You?

  • Gain a sense of active control over your health!
  • Increase your odds of preventing chronic, degenerative disease!
  • Beat your family history and genetics!
  • Build your energy reserves!
  • Improve your memory, focus, sleep, immunity, and even your outlook!
  • Reduce your susceptibility to illness and disease!
  • Reduce your dependence on doctors and medicine!
  • Conquer stubborn conditions like indigestion and reflux, weight gain, systemic inflammation, high blood pressure or cholesterol, hormone imbalance, and yeast overgrowth!
  • Replace anxiety about the future with confidence!
  • Save money avoiding stuff that doesn’t work!
  • Eliminate the frustration of endless trial and error!

What You can Expect from Us:

Simple step-by-step directions
to help you feel better
and look better
in less than 30 days.
Common-sense, easy-to-follow
solutions that work 100%
of the time to create a life
of freedom, purpose, and joy.
Quick access to lots of
free resources,
so you can get started right away.

A single source for the safest,
most complete and effective programs to cleanse, rebuild,
and support every cell, organ,
and system in your body.
We simplify mountains
of information and cut through
the clutter... so you don't have to!
Clear explanations,
simple directions,
and complete resources
for your Body, Mind,
and even your Spirit!.

Who Are We?

Barbara Brown, MSE

Barbara Brown is one of the world's most influential visionaries and change agents who empowers leaders to live in the realm of the miraculous, pursue their highest purpose, and fully enjoy their successes.

Divinely healed of muscular dystrophy in 1983, Barbara is literally a walking miracle. As the guest of kings and presidents, Barbara brings the "Realm of the Miraculous" and imparts Whole Life and Whole Health to palaces and boardrooms around the world.

After nearly dying from a ruptured appendix in 1997, Barbara took personal responsibility for her health and began a quest for solutions that work 100% of the time. Today she directs leaders to victory through their own miraculous transformation, giving honest, open and authentic clarity from heaven’s view.

With three Masters Degrees in science and education, Barbara is the author of GOD is GOD and We Are Not, and the co-author of Your Personal Roadmap to Whole Body Cleansing, Miracles With Minerals, Rejuvenate Your Liver in 14 Days, The Royal Flush, It Happened, It’s Over, It’s OK Now!, The Magic of pH, and Rescuing God From the Rubble of Religion!

Barbara is the founder and CEO of Whole Life Whole Health, LLC, whose vision is to become the world's most life-changing wellness resource and community for true health seekers to re-awaken and restore their original design, and create lives of freedom, purpose and joy.

As an ordained minister, Barbara is also the founder and Director of The Ministry Centers, a non-profit outreach with a mission of “Meeting needs and healing hurts.” Learn more at BarbaraBrown.com.

Dr. Tom Taylor

Dr. Tom Taylor is recognized internationally as an expert in bio-energetics, practical nutrition, and pH (acid-alkaline balance) from a cellular perspective. His focus is on solutions that help restore, sustain, and improve health and well-being 100% of the time. “Anything less,” he says, “means you're someone’s science experiment.”

Dr. Taylor has trained health care practitioners from around the world in bio-energy balancing, and written dozens of professional articles. He has led seminars for the public around the U.S., teaching principles and processes of how to blow through limitations to performance, advancement, fulfillment, and live above pain, illness, and dysfunction, in every area of life.

According to Dr. Taylor, “Pain, illness or dysfunction – no matter what it's named – is only necessary until we answer the ‘alarm bell(s)’ that started it in the first place!” The process of moving from alarm into healing, simply and quickly, is explained in the book, Your Personal Roadmap to Whole Body Cleansing, which Dr. Taylor co-wrote with Barbara Brown, MSE. His other health-related books and e-books include Miracles With Minerals, Rejuvenate Your Liver in 14 Days, The Royal Flush, It Happened, It’s Over, It’s OK Now!, and The Magic of pH.

Dr. Taylor also invested over 40 years studying the Scriptures, as translated from their original languages. His recorded studies at LightUpTheScriptures.com and his book, Rescuing God From the Rubble of Religion, explain in plain language who God really is, who we are to Him, what His purpose really is, why we’re here, and why it's important to know!

Learn more about Dr. Taylor on Facebook.

Our History...

Whole Life Whole Health is a name that Barbara Brown was inspired with sometime after 2000. Her vision was – and continues to be – to create the world’s most life-changing wellness resource and community of true health-seekers who are tired of being someone’s science experiment, who are eagerly pursuing independent self-health and who are committed to achieving authentic harmony of spirit, mind and body.

Barbara loaned the name, Whole Life Whole Health, to her co-author and collaborator, Dr. Taylor for his second wellness practice in New Hampshire, before he left to write and teach a wider audience.

Today, Barbara Brown and Dr. Taylor believe that Divine Health is your original design and the focus of everything that
Whole Life Whole Health does is designed to empower you to create a life of freedom, purpose and joy.

What began as a necessity quickly became a passion and has grown into a worldwide outreach that serves individuals, families, communities, and audiences from conference rooms to stadiums. Exclusive Whole Life Whole Health products, including Trace Minerals Plus+® and the Royal Flush® Kit, are featured on dozens of authority videos, and health-related books, including Your Personal Roadmap to Whole Body Cleansing, Miracles With Minerals, It Happened! It’s Over! It’s OK Now!, and The Magic of pH.

True health-seekers will discover an easy-to-follow roadmap with direction, education and resources for body, mind and spirit that they can easily master to create lives of freedom, purpose, and joy. By providing natural, safe and effective approaches, and products that work 100 percent of the time, Barbara Brown and Dr. Taylor address the underlying causes of pain, illness and dysfunction, rather than offering only band-aids to treat symptoms.

You see, you’re a spiritual being undergoing a physical experience, not the other way around. You live in a body designed by God to work perfectly … and it does, but it doesn’t always feel good. While everyone else you know is focused on what doesn’t work, or what hurts and where, Barbara Brown and Dr. Tom Taylor go after the WHY. Others focus on the outside; they focus inside. It’s the difference between treatment and healing. Your body is designed to be self-healing and self-regulating. If you’re in trouble to any degree, something is interfering with your innate, inborn, built-in healing response. Barbara and Dr. Taylor focus on helping you find and remove that interference, and supporting your spirit, mind, and body toward ultimate healing. They replace short-term fixes with long-term solutions and back up every product and program with follow-up support to insure maximum results and the best possible experience.

Barbara Brown, MSE and Dr. Taylor designed Whole Life Whole Health to offer solutions that work 100 percent of the time, because anything less means you’re someone’s science experiment ... and who needs more of that?
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